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  • Presentation of the DiziScop software and the different supports (Dongle, DiziSpy).
  • Creation of a "light" project using a training model equipped with an automaton.
  • Know how to recognize & choose the variables necessary to create a relevant machine cycle diagram.
  • Configuration of the acquisition mode (manual, calendar).
  • Creation of groups for a hierarchical organization of a machine project.
  • Creation of compound variables for the analysis of movements, potential defects, interdependencies between automata, robots...
  • Exploitation of the different graphs ofsignals analysis (time graph, pareto, frequency graph, ...).
  • Cycle splitting with determination of the Kilometer Zero (KM0) cycle standard
  • Operation of a Zero Machine Kilometer per part number.
  • Put the KM0 on top of an acquisition in progress for dynamic analysis.
  • Cycle time analysis.
  • Declare a camera and configure its triggering parameters.

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to apply the following skills:

  • DiziScop Startup
  • Creating a project / Opening an existing project
  • Communication with an equipment
  • Use of the different acquisition start-up modes
  • Navigation, formatting, exploitation and analysis of collected signals
  • Creation of compound variables
  • Saving and using a reference cycle (Kilometer Zero*).
  • Using the camera module

* The objective of the training is not to realize a complete KM0 (Kilometre Zero) but to understand how it works, in order to exploit an existing KM0.

  • Be linked to an automated process
  • Knowledge in automation and/or electricity
  • The training requires the use of a computer running at least Windows 7

Dizisoft is a young innovative company in the development of software, their marketing and the support of customers in their industrial projects.

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